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Intermediate Service

Now our intermediate service is under suspension. Sorry.

Through our intermediate service, you can purchase a variety of Japanese goods from online stores or any stores in Japan. For each customer, we will help you find your favorite products. First please feel free to tell us your needs. If you have products' url or images on Web, or any other detailed informations, it is welcome.
Email: store(at)japanesegoods.jp (Please change (at) to @.)


Payment includes products price, our service charge, delivery cost for abroad, delivery cost in Japan, and insurance. Products price, our service charge, and delivery cost in Japan are advance payment. Delivery cost for abroad and insurance are paid before shipping.

We send PayPal invoice to you. Through the invoice, you can use PayPal, major credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and etc. depending on your country and region. Please check PayPal website on your country. We set our currency on Yen basis.

Please refer our service charge on the products' price: Fee Table


We basically use EMS. Please refer EMS charges table and Insurance charges table. If you would like to use other delivery methods, we can deal with your needs.


Depending on your country's rule, your packages are charged at customs. In any case, customs duty is recipient's responsibility. Please check a website of your country's customs house. (EX. USA CBP -Internet Purchase-)

Return Policy

You can not cancel your order at any time after you complete the first payment.

When you intend to purchase a number of products, first please purchase one sample product. This is also good for estimating the delivery cost for abroad.

If you purchase in small quantity, please be forewarned of the fact that we do not have the right to decide returning goods. We only help the negotiation of returning goods between you and a retailer. Usually, settled by refund, and you have to bear several expenses.

Items: Kimono Ceramics Satsuma Kiriko Ryukyu Glass

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